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Office Concept

In efforts to unite the world through intellectual property rights, we have fittingly named our firm: Legal Interface Liaison (LIL) International Patent & Trademark Firm. In line with this, our firm aspires to seek out, serve and satisfy both domestic and overseas clients.

International Patent and Trademark offices specialize in intellectual property, though the crux of our profession revolves around providing an essential service to customers. Additionally, firms such as LIL deem intellectual property as a truly value-added service offered to clients. Although our customer-oriented service may not be unique, our commitment and dedication to our clients in a conscientious manner, is what truly separates LIL from other firms practicing intellectual property.

Opportunities for utilizing intellectual property have been increasing rapidly in recent years, and therefore, client requests are becoming more diversified and globalized. In order to meet these client demands, LIL employs not only Benrishi (Japanese Patent Attorneys), who are professionals in intellectual property, but also keeps on staff a broad range of professionals, each with their own niche, as well as CPA/MBA/PhD holders, System Engineers, and designers creating trademark symbols, and personnel who are proficient in several languages such as: English, French, Chinese, and Japanese. The staff at LIL work together in perfect harmony and in collaboration with one another as a means to assist our clients in materializing their intellectual property.

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