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Trademark law

Are you designing a trademark or planning to register a trademark? We can help you.

Trademark Search
Prior to filing the application, it is necessary for the applicant to search and consider whether there are any conflicts with the trademark. For example, whether the trademark infringes upon another person's right when it is used, or whether the trademark is able to be registered when the application is made.
Trademark Registration
It is possible to conduct trademark registration by yourself. However, specialized knowledge is required for preparation of application documents, application procedures, response to a Decision of Rejection, and other related legal issues. In response to this, our experienced benrishi (Japanese patent attorneys) take care of the registration process on your behalf.
Trademark Management
Each trademark is valid for 10 years after the registration of the mark (Japanese Trademark Law Article 19). Registration renewal procedure is required to maintain the trademark protected by the law. Additionally, trademark management after registration is important such as in the cases of occurrence of trademark rights succession over several years of use of the trademark. Our firm specializes in helping you overcome these obstacles with our trademark management expertise.
Professional Consultation
Our consultation service includes buying and selling of trademarks, license agreements, invalidation requests, trials for cancellation of registered trademarks not in use, and international applications. In addition, we offer other services including answering various questions pertinent to trademarks, such as trademark searches for ones currently published in catalogues.
Have you ever been stymied by trademark search results? Look no further, a new and innovative approach to the proposal of your trademark by a designer in our business network is available to assist you.

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