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Company Logo

About the LIL logo
LIL logomark and logotype are the product of several brainstorming sessions by our employees.
LIL Logo
Logomark meaning
The theme of our logomark is to recognize that employees have different backgrounds and means to achieve goals. Our logomark is composed of the letters L, I, and L; with the orange color alluding to the impression of energy being released.

Production steps of the logomark

1. Discussion of images
The employees met and discussed the objectives and ideology behind the logomark. Ideas from native English-speaking employees were discussed, and historical considerations were also given before final judgment was made. As a result, a sketch of a potential logomark was put forth, and a final draft mark was agreed upon.

2. Discussion of colors
After the logo was determined, issues of color were discussed. Various color patterns, including colors assumed to represent Japan, and colors assumed to represent office environments, were used to select a color for the logomark.

3. Production of CI manuals
In the final stages,
the logo data underwent minor adjustments on the display, and final decisions were made by all concerned people. Finally, the Corporate Identity (CI) manuals were created.

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